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360° Degree Rotating Tank Cleaning Head

Our Tank Cleaning Head are highly efficient and reliable. Tank cleaning is a mandatory procedure in all pharmaceutical & food processing industries. It is a safer alternative to the labour-intensive manual tank cleaning process.

  • Every 45 revolutions, 360° rotating nozzles move in several axes to offer comprehensive 360° coverage of the whole tank. Flow-through, self-cleaning design
  • It is simple to repair because there are no internal reduction gears.
  • It can be mounted permanently or moved from tank to tank.
  • Very high cleaning performance already at low pressures
  • The cleaning fluid propels and lubricates the tool.
  • Cleans the entire tank interior (360°) in a systematic manner.
  • Stainless steel construction that is durable and low-maintenance
  • The standard machine layout blasts the tank walls and rinses all surfaces with two or four nozzles. Depending on the kind and pressure, the unit must run for a cycle time of 7 to 41 minutes. This ensures a thorough cleaning. Cleaning time may need to be increased in exceptionally challenging applications

Technical Features

  •  This is a self-propelled tank cleaning head, when the flow rate increases, the head rotates faster. 
  • Cleaning of interior surfaces of tanks and drums. 
  • Reduced flow, high pressure, high cleaning impact. 
  • Complete orbital coverage of all interior surfaces. 
  • Rotating speed independent from water temperature. 
  • Inlet filter.
  • Stainless steel construction. 
  • Suitable for utilization in food industry.