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Magna Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Magna “Commercial Vacuum Cleaner” is designed to pick up both wet and dry waste. It has strong suction and a low noise level.

Detailed description of Magna commercial vacuum cleaner


FunctionWet & DryWet & Dry
Capacity30 L60 L
Power1100 W2200 W- 3300 W
Voltage220v – 240 v220v – 240 v
Height76 CM90 CM
Tank Dia.345 mm440 mm
Mode of CoolingCirculating Air CoolingCirculating Air Cooling
Air Flow Rate53 I/S106 I/S
Vacuum Suction230 Mbar250 Mbar
Cable Length7m8m
Hose Dia.40 mm40 mm
Packing43 x 43 x 81 mm63.5 x 56 x 99 mm

Technical Features of Magna Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

  • Our manga Commercial vacuum cleaner automatic swing-in of the brush head when accidentally impacted
  • Automatic squeegee uncoupling when accidentally impacted
  • Best maneuverability even in narrow spaces thanks to tight turning diameter
  • Easy & complete tank sanitizing
  • Innova 85/100 B is a Battery driven Ride-On Scrubbing machine with a working width of 85/100 cm. It is suitable for maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 5100 sqm per hour and is one of the safest, most productive & user-friendly Scrubbing machines.
  • our commercial vacuum cleaner is suitable for maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 5100 sqm per hour and is one of the safest, most productive & user-friendly Scrubbing machines.
  • Low center of gravity for optimum stability. Capable of ramp gradients upto 18%

Applications  –

  • Commercial Hoover cleaners are often used in office buildings to keep carpets, floors, and upholstery clean and to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Hotels and Hospitality: Commercial Hoover cleaners are used in the hospitality business to keep rooms clean and welcoming for guests. These devices clean hotel rooms, corridors, lobbies, and dining spaces thoroughly.
  • Retail Stores: Commercial vacuum cleaners are required to maintain floors clean and presentable in retail locations. They clean dirt and debris from high-traffic areas including entrances and aisles.
  • Restaurants: Commercial Hoover cleaners are used to clean dining spaces, kitchens, and food preparation areas in restaurants. They successfully remove food particles, spills, and other debris, keeping the environment clean.
  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Commercial Hoover cleaners make cleaning classrooms, hallways, and common areas in schools and educational institutions easier. They contribute to a clean and healthy learning environment for students and faculty.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Maintaining cleanliness in healthcare settings is critical. To reduce the danger of infection, commercial Hoover cleaners are utilized to clean patient rooms, waiting spaces, corridors, and other areas.
  • Commercial Hoover cleaners are intended to perform heavy-duty cleaning jobs in industrial settings. They effectively clean huge floor areas, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities of dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Airports: Commercial vacuum cleaners are essential for keeping airports clean, including terminals, concourses, and boarding areas.