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Magna Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Pro Shaker

Magna Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a machine designed for quick and easy cleaning of both wet and dry waste in large industrial areas.

Magna Industrial vacuum cleaner pro shaker – 


Voltage 230V/ 50 Hz
Power 3000 W
Air Flow 102 Ltr / Sec
Suction Power 29 KPA
Tank Capacity 50 Ltr
Filtering Surface 1.3 Sq. m
Dimensions (CM) (LxWxH) 600 x 620 x 1360
Weight (Kg.) 37
  • In industrial vacuum cleaner pro shaker, The external filter shaker is a useful feature that enables simple filter cleaning without the need to open the appliance. This saves time and effort while maintaining the filter’s cleanliness and effectiveness in catching dust and particles.
  • A stainless steel Cyclonic cone is also included as a standard component with the Hoover cleaner. This cone is intended to keep dust from resting on the filter and clogging it. By keeping dust away from the filter, it maintains ideal suction strength and extends the filter’s life.
  • The Hoover cleaner has other filter options in addition to the external filter shaker and the Cyclonic cone. One such option is the Star filter, which provides
  • One such option is the Star filter, which provides effective filtering for small particles. It aids in the capture of even the tiniest dust particles, resulting in cleaner air in the atmosphere.
  • An optional HEPA filter is available for individuals who want even more filtration. Because of their ability to catch minute particles and allergens, HEPA filters are a good solution for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma.
  • With these filter features and options, the Hoover cleaner offers versatility and customization to meet a variety of cleaning requirements. Users can select the combination that best meets their needs for excellent cleaning performance, whether it’s the external filter shaker, the Cyclonic cone, the Star filter, or the optional HEPA filter.