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Magna Industrial vacuum cleaner CA 40 ON 100

Magna “Industrial Vacuum Cleaner” is a machine designed for quick and easy cleaning of both wet and dry waste in large industrial areas.

Magna Industrial Vacuum Cleaner description –


Model CA 40 ON 100
Voltage 440 V
Power 2900 W
Turbine No. 1
Air Flow 97 I/Sec
Suction Power 32 KPA
Tank Capacity 100 Ltr
Filtering Surface 1.95 Sq. m
Dimensions (CM) (LxWxH) 660 x 920 x 1720
Weight (Kg.) 103
  • The filter may be cleaned without opening the industrial vacuum cleaner thanks to the manual filter shaker. Furthermore, the large-diameter wheels give outstanding mobility, allowing the Hoover to be utilized in crowded areas with ease. Furthermore, their wheels are exceptionally quiet, offering a pleasant cleaning experience.
  • The tank may be uncoupled using a handle, and once uncoupled, it can be transported easily using its four pivoting wheels. Furthermore, the use of large-diameter copper wires effectively earths electrostatic charges.
  • The large-diameter wheels not only make the appliance portable but also contribute to its excellent mobility. In addition, a handy basket is included, allowing the user to carry the most commonly used items with ease.
  • In conclusion, the manual filter shaker is a beneficial function that effectively saves time and effort during the cleaning process of the vacuum cleaner’s filter. Additionally, the large-diameter wheels, along with the quiet operation of the Hoover cleaner, make it a perfect choice for maneuvering in confined spaces. Moreover, its design with a detachable tank and portability offer simplicity and ease of use. Furthermore, the grounding effect of the copper cables significantly enhances safety during operation.
  • Furthermore, the manual filter shaker simplifies Hoover cleaner maintenance, improving its longevity and maintaining ideal performance. The quiet functioning of the large-diameter wheels improves the entire cleaning experience and allows users to work uninterrupted.
  • Thanks to the handle-assisted uncoupling of the tank, in addition to the four pivoting wheels, the Hoover cleaner can be effortlessly moved and relocated. Moreover, safety during operation is significantly enhanced as the electrostatic charges are effectively grounded by the large-diameter copper wires. Additionally, the combination of the large wheels and the convenient basket on the Hoover cleaner greatly contributes to its portability, enabling users to easily transfer it along with essential cleaning equipment for various cleaning tasks.