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Hydro Blasting Machine

We are one of the leading suppliers of Hydro Blasting Machine, which is made with advanced technology and industry-standard components.The hydro Blasting machine is used to remove rust, rubber, chemical, and oil paint without causing any damage to the surface. hydro blasting machine have lately replaced traditional pneumatic sand blasting or shot blasting technologies.

All machines can be supplied in flameproof, non flameproof, diesel / petrol engine fitted versions.

Model No.Working PressureFlow Rate LPMMaximum Intel
Water Pump 0C
Electric SupplyElectric MotorMotor
MAGNA 800/78E8007860415V / 50 Hz5037.31450
MAGNA 1000/81E10008160415V / 50 Hz7555.01450
MAGNA 2500/14E25001460415V / 50 Hz9067.01450
MAGNA 2500/25E25002560415V / 50 Hz5037.31450
MAGNA 2500/41E25004160415V / 50 Hz7555.01450

Technical Features

  • Fluid end material: High quality stainless steel.
  • Cylinder material: High quality stainless steel.
  • Plunger: Solid ceramic plunger.
  • Pressure control valve: Manual / Pneumatic type
  • Conversion efficiency: 90-96%
  • Force-cooler
  • Force feed lubrication system
  • Force oil cooling system
  • Safety valve: 10% of max. pressure
  • Pressure gauge
  • Heavy Duty Motor, TEFC, Class ‘F’ insulation,1450 rpm.
  • Electric control panel with starter, overload relay, single phasing preventer, low water level cut-off, line
  • indicator, AMP meter, Volt meter, frequency meter, Hour run meter.
  • 80 Ltrs. Water tank with filter inlet hose nipple 1″, overflow 1″ nipple, float valve to avoid overflow, float switch for low water level cut-off.
  • Dump Gun with lance and nozzle
  • Glycerin filled pressure gauge indicates the operating pressure of the equipment.
  • The machine can be supplied in 2 versions, Trolley and Skid.
  • Continuous Duty Machine


Standard Accessories

•  Water inlet hose 5 mtrs. long.

•  Hose 10 mtrs. long.

•  Spray gun assembly.

• High-pressure lance with V jet.

•  Electric Cable 5 mtrs. long.