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Commercial Car Washing

Commercial Car Washer

Magna “Car Washers” are professional car washers meant for continuous duty operation it is Sturdy, Reliable, and Robust. There are two models namely,
1. CW0815 (Single Phase Machine)
2. CW1316 (Three Phase Machine)

All machines can be supplied in 60 Hz, flameproof, non flameproof, diesel / petrol engine fitted versions.

Model No.Working PressureFlow Rate LPMMaximum Intel
Water Pump 0C
Electric SupplyElectric MotorMotor
CW 0815150860230V / 50 Hz32.2145040
CW 13161601360415V / 50 Hz53.7145045

Technical Features

  • Brass Pump Head.
  • Ceramic Pistons.
  • Stainless Steel Valves.
  • Crank & Connecting Rod Mechanism.
  • Heavy Duty Motor, TEFC, Class ‘F’ insulation, 1450 rpm.
  • Electric ON/OFF Switch
  • Water inlet coupling with strainer.
  • An unloader valve is suitable for trigger on/off operation thereby bypassing the water back to the inlet, it also acts as a safety valve.
  • Glycerin filled pressure gauge indicates the operating pressure of the equipment.
  • Preheated water up to 600C can be fed to the equipment.
  • The Frame is fabricated from mild steel and powder coated for long-lasting
  • Skid / Wall mounting.
  • Continuous Duty Machine


Standard Accessories

•  Water inlet hose 5 mtrs. long.

•  Hose 10 mtrs. long.

•  Spray gun assembly.

• High-pressure lance with V jet.

•  Electric Cable 5 mtrs. long.